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Clayton K. Redmon

Clayton Redmon epitomizes the essence of entrepreneurship, having embarked on his journey at the age of 13. Throughout his high school years, Clayton, along with his friends turned business partners, pioneered ventures that garnered Congressional Recognition for their profound economic and cultural contributions to their community.

With over three decades of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, Clayton has launched and successfully exited numerous ventures. Presently, he serves as the founder and CEO of four companies, including Redmon Jeang, LLC. Together with his partner Wei Wei Jeang, Clayton has cultivated an impressive intellectual property portfolio spanning telecommunications, healthcare, and fintech sectors.

​Beyond his professional endeavors, Clayton cherishes a lasting union with his high school sweetheart, Monique Redmon, spanning 22 years. Together, they delight in the journey of parenthood, nurturing three accomplished adult children. His eldest, Clayton Keith Redmon, a recent graduate of the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, has embarked on a culinary odyssey, igniting the culinary world with his passion. Meanwhile, his son Carlwell Redmon immerses himself in the world of Musical Theater at Carnegie Mellon University, and his daughter Clair Redmon pursues architectural studies at Washington University in St. Louis.